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                                  Myths  about Natural Marble ,Granite &  ''Man Made''  - '' Artificial "  -  Engineered Stones

                                               (''I have been told,I have to seal natural stone every 6 months'')

All  depens on the type of stone used -  Natural Stone Sealers require re-application. Just to put it simple: ''Absolute Black'' granite, is so compacted, that it doesn't  take anything in, so there is no point to seal it, at all!!!. But a   ''Kashmir White'' or "River White" or "ANY WHITE"  natural stone for an example, is so porous, that we apply a liquid sealer numerous times, during the manufacturing process, then, we are applying a wax after installation and  leaving our customers with instructions ,how to care for the "white" bench tops. Basicaly a good Stone Mason should know, what  needs to be done, with any particular colour and name of a stone.

                    ( '' I am being told not to use '' Granite'' and use ''Man Made'' engineered product because is ''better'' )

Extensive Negative Marketing has been used by '' Man Made'' engineered product Companies to lower the sales of ''Natural Stones''. As fashionable as ''Man Made''  stone  is,'' The Mother  Nature'' - Did it ''Better''then us. We are digging  Natural Stones from  the ground, for  more then 4000 years!! The best examples of natural stone quality and  durability are such  projects as Egipt's  ''Pyramids of Giza'' , Peru's '' Machu Picchu'' ,or Bolivia's  ''Puma Punku''  (about 12000!! years old!!, still standing in prime condition as if it was installed yesterday!!) 

                ( I have been told ''Man Made'' engineered stones don't scratch or stain and resist high temperature?'' )

 THIS IS A MYTH and a very Bad One ,too!!  Clearly misleading with potential  to cost a lots of money!!!!

'' Man Made''  Stones will stain and scratch,all of them!! and particularly the slighty darker colours and as a Stone Mason,I do know, that is extremely difficult ( just  impossible at customers place) to repair these products, to their original look .As for high temperature resistance.... Natural stone is strongly!! recommended to use  for Fireplaces, inside and around of  Pizza Ovens, BBQ , Swimming Pools etc.etc.  According to manufacturers, of all ''Man Made'' engineered stone products, there is against their recommendation, to use it, in the open sunny places,BBQ's ,Fireplaces, on the outside walls etc.etc.They recommend to store their stone under the roof.That is the best answer to '' The Myth'' of   temperature resistance of engineered product. When istalling any ''Man Made''  kitchens ,we are advising our customers to be careful  and take  extra good care for their benches ,to avoid any disappointments.By being extra careful and taking care for their benches ,my customers enjoying  their modern, fashionable (hence the heavy marketing) kitchens for years.All  ''Man Made'' stone suppliers providing 10 to 15 years  Warranty , as long as we are using their products and we have proper BSA Licences.All documentation data  for slabs we are buying is on the  record .( every slab have recorded number).Stone Mason should give  a Warranty  documents  to customer in case of anything happened to the benches..It is another good reason, to use proper Stone Mason Licensed Contractor for any stonework.....

                 ( '' Why are there so many ''Man Made''  engineered stones but few granites to choose from?'' )

Another Negative Marketing Myth!!!.There is over 300 varieties of Granites,Marbles and other Natural Stones for Bench Tops  to choose from reputable stone suppliers here, such as ,,Fine Stone'' the  best long time  known in the Stone Industry  for Quality of their products."Project Stone"  , "WK Marble and Granite" and "CDK Stone"are another long time operating stone suppliers with good reputation in the Stone Industry..

                                  ( '' Man Made'' engineered stone products are not just a '' fad''?)

ALL STONE MASONS ALREADY KNOW ,  that ''artificial''  engineered stone products will have a shorter'' popularity span'', due to the problems they encountering with the products, as compared to ''Natural Stone'' products, that have been used successfuly for thousands and thousands of years..

                       (''I wanted to use Granite, but I was told it is more expensive than '' Man Made'' engineered stones'')  

GRANITES COME IN DIFFERENT PRICE RANGES and many are very competitively priced. As is the case with cars.

Everyone knows, how good and beautiful  '' Rolls Royce''  , '' Porshe''  or   ''Lamborghini's'' are, but we are driving a ''Holdens''   or '' Toyotas'' ,..... what I mean is, that  we don't have to spend a big $$$$ to drive, or to have a stunning looking kitchen for that matter.. The secret is in The  " DESIGN'' !! and choosing  the right colour for your stone. There is another aspect to choose a granite for your kitchen. Very often a "Standard''  price  range granite kitchen, is cheaper, then out of  ''Man Made'' stone, because of slabs sizes!!, One slab of '' Standard Natural'' granite is cheaper then 2 x slabs of ''Standard''  Man Made. Small to Middle size kitchen requires only one slab of  '' Natural Granite'' ( we are choosing huge sizes) but the same size of kitchen  requires 2 x slabs! of ''Man Made'' ( small slabs sizes) then the cost of the ''Man Made''  kitchen is bigger.

                                              ( '' I have beem told Granite is not fashionable'' )

This is not  a" MYTH"!! .Rather (obviously)  a telemarketer's sales pitch!!...Granite is a product, that will stay in the bench tops market  INDEFINITELY!! In America and Europe, two of the largest consuming bench tops markets in the world ,have seen flourishing  ''Natural Stone''  sales, '' Newer  Natural Stones'' and colours are constantly being discovered  and  imported into Australia, to supply our ever growing market.

                                         ( '' I have been told Granites only coming in dark colours only'' )

Granites Are Very Popular for the darker tones but there are thousands of lighter colours available.

   Here,  I  am trying to explain and answer the  most frequent  questions, my customers asking me all the time.I am doing so, to the best of my knowledge and let me  be perfectly clear ,it is not my intention to make anybody choose  ''Natural '' stone  over  the ''Man Made''  or vice versa.....  I am not a stone supplier ,as such.. I am  a stone manufacturer. On the end of the day ,I will make your kitchen from any of available stones of your choosing!! ,be it ''Natural'' or not... I only want  my customers  to know all the facts ,before they make their decision... and that's my intention ,only...

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